• year 2009


  • year 2010

    Acquisition of land for the development of the first maiden project – Green Beverly Hills.

  • year 2011

    Prepared for the launching of first phase of Green Beverly Hills.

  • Year 2012

    Unveiled our first phase development of Green Beverly Hills – Sky Bungalow with GDV RM 222 mil.

  • YEAR 2013

    Introduced our 2nd phase of GBH – luxurious Garden Villa & Water Villa with GDV RM 65 mil.

  • Year 2014

    Company expansion & recruiting new talents.

  • Year 2015

    Completion of Sky Bungalow.

    Acquired 50 acres of land for Mega Development – Vision City.

  • Year 2016

    Completion of Villa.

    Launched our first 5-Star Facility Affordable Condominium – Residensi Lili with GDV RM 444 mil.

  • Year 2017

    Successfully launched the first phase of Mega Development Vision City – Youth City (Tower A & B) with GDV RM 1.3 bil.

  • Year 2018

    Launched Youth City (Tower C & D).

    Acquisition of land in Port Dickson.

    Recruiting more new talents.

  • Year 2019

    Completion of Residensi Lili.

    Ground Breaking for Malaysia’s Symbolic Night Market GEMBOX @ Nilai.

  • YEAR 2020

    Prepare for the opening of GEMBOX @ Nilai.

    Acquisition of lands for future development.

    Planning for Vision City future phases.

  • YEAR 2021

    Launching of GEMBOX @ NILAI

    Launching of Tourism Mall